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blood tests Most Americans have a hard time trying to figure out where blood test labs are located in their community. It’s hard enough to find the local doctor to order a blood test for you so how difficult would it be to find blood test labs that are able to handle your blood testing needs.  Rest assured that there is a solution for you that you can not only locate blood test labs near you, you can also order your blood tests without having to leave your home and see your doctor. Online lab testing without a prescription is a new way for you to manage your healthcare needs without the need to visit your local physician. We do advocate that you consult with your physician when you have questions interpreting your lab results but it is not necessary to involve your primary care physician when ordering these tests.

Blood Test Labs Through Online Services

So how does this all work and is this too good to be true. There are some major blood test labs that provide this testing service through online websites, like this one, that connect to the consumer. It is possible to get your lab testing performed in 47 states. The states that do not allow for this are New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. These three states still have not come around to the 21st century and adopted the Personal health care revolution that is taking place. We have some hope for these three states still. It’s as simple as creating a HIPPA compliant secure account and than paying for your lab testing. From this point, you would print out your lab prescription and then locate blood test labs or draw centers that are closest to you. You would than visit any of these blood test labs and have your blood drawn by a certified phlebotomist.  Once you get your blood drawn, the sample is sent to the local reference lab to be tested and your lab results are usually ready within 48 hours. If there is any specialized testing or what may be called esoteric testing, the sample may be required to be shipped to a special lab. This could add a day or two to the turnaround time of your lab results. The blood test labs are usually located in densely populated areas such as cities or heavily populated suburban locations.

Blood testing labsThese blood test labs are well known to service customers that need cancer screening tests.  A good example of a cancer screening tests at some of these blood test labs is the CA-125 Cancer Antigen. This tests is used to follow women who have a family history of ovarian cancer. CA-125 is a protein present on some normal tissues and on the surface of cancer cells of various types but especially on ovarian cancer cells. The test is also used to monitor therapy during treatment for ovarian cancer and to detect whether cancer has come back after treatment. Another popular screening test in these blood test labs is the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) cancer screening test.  The PSA test in blood is used to screen asymptomatic and symptomatic men for prostate cancer in order to help determine the necessity for a biopsy of the prostate and also in order to monitor the effectiveness of treatment for prostate cancer, or to detect recurrence of prostate cancer. The PSA blood test may be ordered during treatment of patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer to verify the effectiveness of treatment and at regular intervals after treatment to monitor for cancer recurrence.  And lastly, another popular cancer screening test in blood test labs is the CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen. This screening test  is ordered to determine whether cancer is present in the body and to monitor cancer treatment. When you have symptoms that suggest the possibility of cancer your doctor may prescribe this test.   Also this test is performed before starting cancer treatment especially in patients with Gastro Intestinal cancer, as well as at intervals during and after therapy to monitor treatment and recovery.  Physicians can use CEA results to determine the stage and extent of cancer, especially gastrointestinal (GI) and, in particular, colorectal cancer. CEA is also helpful in monitoring patients with cancer of the rectum, lung, breast, liver, pancreas, stomach, and ovary.

With all of these blood test labs, the same amount of care is taken with handling your blood work so that you can feel confident that you are in good hands. There are medical directors that oversee the operations and ensure that GLP's which are Good Laboratory Practices are being upheld. Quest Diagnostics is the world’s largest reference lab which is a gold standard in the industry.  For most uninsured people, blood test labs that over their testing services to the public, are well needed resources that can be overlooked in the greater healthcare picture.

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With LabTestportal.com you can order a blood test or multiple blood tests to accommodate your lab testing needs at over 2,500 locations in the US. With an extensive menu of health wellness laboratory tests, you have the freedom to choose the desired blood tests and have your lab testing performed on your schedule. One of the most popular blood tests CBC (Complete Blood Count) is routinely ordered from the Labtestportal blood test catalogue of health wellness testing. When you find your lab testing profile, we provide you with the fasting blood test information need to prepare for the visit to lab testing facility you choose.