How Long Should I Fast for a Blood Test

Have you ever wondered how long you should fast for a blood test?  You may have encountered this question when you have just left the doctor’s office after being told you need to get blood fasting lab testing done. You may have been asked how long should I fast for a blood test at one time or another and the answer may vary from person to person. You may have encountered the thought when your doctor is speaking with you. You try to get a word in but he or she seems to like to hear his or her voice talk incessantly.  That is correct. Doctors sometimes love to hear themselves talk quite a bit. Go ask your friends if this is true. You will be very surprised at the answer you may get when asking your best friend. Or ask a relative. He or she has nothing to lose and you are sure to get an honest answer.  So to get back to the original question how long should I fast for a blood test. How does one answer that?

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What if I was a diabetic and needed a fasting blood sugar test? Conventionally, fasting blood sugar is the assessment you get when you test your blood sugar after an 8 hour long fasting period. In a normal person this fasting blood sugar would also be what is called the baseline blood sugar. This is the level of glucose to which blood sugar returns a few hours after every meal all day long.  So if someone were to ask you how long should I fast for a blood test if it were a blood sugar test, it would be 8 hours.

Once again how long should I fast for a blood test was recently presented to a friend. Recently, my best friend had some blood testing done and he was asked to fast for 12 hours. Here are the exact directions he was given by the nurse practitioner that was treating him for his ulcer.  You will need to fast for a 12-hour period before your blood is drawn. You should not eat or drink anything except plain water for 12 hours before having your blood testing work drawn.  Bring any written information or laboratory requisition paper work your healthcare provide gave you for the blood testing.  You should avoid smoking, breath mints and gum chewing prior to having your blood drawn. Please continue to take any medications ordered by your primary care physician but do not follow any food-related instructions for the medication. So how long should I fast for a blood test should not put you in a situation to not take your medication.

Another popular caveat when asked the question how long should I fast for a blood test is how smoking can be a factor in the blood tests or blood testing that is performed. The jury is out on this one. The nicotine that you find in cigarettes has been said to cause issues with blood tests and blood testing. There is no hard evidence for this but it may be something to avoid being on the safe side of things. Why risk it? You can abstain from those cigarettes for 8 to 12 hours. Try and stick it out. So be brave when you ask  how long should I fast for a blood test. Know that you can get blood work tests 24 hours a day 7 days a week securely using the internet.

When getting a Lipid profile performed, you may be asked how long should I fast for a blood test when it’s specifically for a Lipid profile. If you have high blood cholesterol levels that put you in the category of high risk for cardiovascular disease you know that you have a lipid profile blood test performed at least twice a year. There are no early warning symptoms of high cholesterol, so to know whether you have high blood cholesterol levels, you or your doctor may order a blood tests to evaluate your cholesterol levels. When I say you ordering the blood testing that is correct. The same question of  how long should I fast for a blood test can be related to can I order blood testing without a doctors prescription. The answer is absolutely yes! There is a website www.labtestportal.com that allows you to order blood tests or blood testing from the comfort of your own home. It’s safe, secure and extremely affordable.  Ok, getting back to the lipid profile and how long should I fast for a blood test , you can get a basic screening cholesterol blood test done without fasting, but it doesn’t give you a complete picture.  It will give you a ballpark figure, which can be very far from the reality of your lipid status. The lipid profile will measure, Total cholesterol, LDL bad cholesterol, HDL good’ cholesterol and Triglycerides. The established metric for fasting for a lipid profile is to fast for 12 hours. So when asked how long should I fast for a blood test  when ordering a lipid profile, the answer is 12 hours. This means drinking water is allowed but there is no eating allowed. Any kinds of forceful exercise should be avoided for 24 hours before testing as well. So when asked how long should I fast for a blood test, the answer can be many things.

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